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Disaster Relief

CCF takes part in the relief work for large natural disasters. These are the times when CCF's large network of affiliates really works. Their activities include:

  • Raising and distributing grain;
  • Delivering other foods, medicine, tents, and clothing to people who are suffering;
  • Building new villages and schools; and
  • Donating other welfare facilities in the disaster areas.

Relief on the Indian Ocean Tsunami

On December 26, 2004, a strong earthquake and tsunami happened in the Indian Ocean, and brought a serious disaster to many countries in the Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa.

On hearing this news, China Charity Federation took actions immediately: only three days after the tsunami, China Charity Federation in cooperation with the PhoenixTV and the Chinese Entrepreneurs magazine organizated the "Phoenix Charity Fund" and a charity auction, which respectively received donations of over 500 million RMB and over 300 million RMB. And according to the arrangement of the government, China Charity Federation and China Red Cross Society took charge of the civil donations for the disaster.

Just within a month, China Charity Federation received donations of 250 million RMB, all of which was allocated to the ambassadors or relief accounts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and 8 other disaster-affected countries. CCF also sent a delegation for an in-depth study and condolences. At the same time, according to the arrangement of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China Charity Federation allocated 120 million RMB for the construction of three victims’ villages in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Flood Relief in 1998

In the summer of 1998, China's Yangtze River, Songhua River and Nenjiang River had a catastrophic flood, in which 1.8 billion people were affected, and more than 6,800,000 houses collapsed.

Immediately after the outbreak of the flood, China Charity Federation organized a donation unprecedented in Chinese history: in cooperation with CCTV and Red Cross Society of China, China Charity Federation successfully held the large TV performance "We Unite as One". During the activity, more than 10 telephone hotlines and 3 donation offices were set; more than 300 million RMB donated money and supplies valued 300 million RMB were received.

Moreover, China Charity Federation in cooperation with China Federation of Industry& Commerce, the Chinese Entrepreneur Association and the Chinese Association for Individual Workers, raised 2.4 billion RMB. The direct and indirect fund rasied by China Charity Federation in 1998 took more than two fifths of the the total amount of all donations of the country that year, and effectively supported the reconstruction work after the disaster.