The greatest good is the free dissemination of knowledge to save lives.
It is due to the selfless cooperation among the whole country's charity organizations.

Mr. Fan Baojun
President of China Charity Federation, one of the largest charity organizations in China.


Thank you for your interest in China Charity Federation, also known as CCF. China Charity Federation works hand in hand with over 200 affiliated charity organizations worldwide.

The work of CCF has made a difference in millions of lives by:

  • Delivering much needed assistance at the scene of natural disasters,
  • Equipping the handicapped to better cope with their limitations,
  • Caring for orphans and the aged that would otherwise be neglected,
  • Providing medical equipment and supplies to relieve and prevent illness,
  • Aiding education so that everyone can be well educated, and
  • Generally alleviating sufferings and helping people to help themselves.

We hope you come to understand the vital role of charity work in the People's Republic of China as you explore our website, and how you, too, can make a difference.


Reaching Out, Changing Lives, Giving Back

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